Rabu, 18 Ogos 2010


Mugen presented the new Type-RR Experimental Spec at the Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS) to promote the new Type-RR. The car has been specially equipped with an aluminum hood, carbon fiber front panels and a K20A engine with 260 bhp. The theme is extended to the interior which gets a thorough carbon fiber treatment and slim Recaro seats.
The Type-RR Experimental Spec also features a Intelligent-Tire Condition Monitoring System (i-TCMS).
Overall weight is reduced through a the aluminum hood (4.6 kg savings), as well as the new titanium exhaust system (7.6 kg).
Purely a showcar, their are no plans to produce the Experimenal Spec, although several of its components might be offered by Mugen to the Japenese domestic market (JDM).

2 ulasan:

  1. Wow.. this Honda Civic Type-RR is really cool with its aluminum hood, carbon fiber front panels and K20A engine with 260bhp..... Awesome...

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  2. Nice work,,Honda HID lamps using xenon and an approximate measure of the output they produce give emit hids lamps as much light as does a street light which means that for those drivers who are uncomfortable driving at night is the driving experience so much smoother .