Ahad, 16 Mei 2010


The Type R Racing versions of the FD2 are now available in limited numbers. We have access to these vehicles!

These are factory build, stripped and does not come with sound/heat proofing. Ideal for serious track day lovers and racing.

Items removed for this model:

• No carpets

No rear seats or seat belts .

• Basic steering wheel (see pic) •

Basic driver seat but NO seat belt •

No head lining •

No interior lights etc •
No sun visors •

No pillar/sill trims •

No pollen filter etc •

No footrest .
No SRS Airbag system •

No electric door locks or keyless entry •

No electric mirrors •

No alarm •

No entertainment system •

No HID headlights •

No LED high mount stop light •

Bespoke wiring loom (to power the reduced number of systems this car runs) •

No sound deadening material •

No heat proofing materials •

No seam sealer •

No seam caulking .

The FD2 Type R Racing has no ABS, no LSD (comes with open diff) but uses the same K20A engine and gearbox.

The FD2 Racing is ideal for trackday/racing use - We have put together some options.

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